Mount Olive Elementary School HEADLINES

Mount Olive Makes Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) In Math

The AYP results were released by the North Carolina Department of Instruction on July 21st, and Mount Olive met all of their goals in Math.  Results for reading are not yet available.  AYP for each school is required by "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) Legislation. For complete results of all Stokes County Schools, go to For more information about NCLB and AYP, visit



School begin August 25th.  Parents will receive information about the opening schedule and orientation in early August. 


Mrs. Beth Carroll has retired.  She served in the teaching profession for 32 years and will be dearly missed here at Mount Olive.


New Staff in Kindergarten:  Mrs. Julie Owen - Teacher; Mr. Gary Pollard - TA (Transferred from the BED program); Mrs. Sharon Hayden - TA (Transferred from the 2nd Grade) WELCOME Mrs. Owen.

3rd Grade


Welcome to the 3rd Grade.  The 3rd grade staff remains "in-tact" and is ready for a big year with our new 3rd grade students.


The End of Grade Pre-Test has been scheduled for Sept. 9-11.  This assessment is only to assess each students current abilities in Math and Reading.  It is NOT something that students need to prepare for.  The results os this assessment will allow us to plan for the needed instruction for the students to be able to pass the EOG's in May, 2009.

1st Grade


Welcome to the 1st Grade!


New Staff in 1st Grade:  Mrs. Annette Smith - TA (Transferred from Kindergarten)

4th Grade


Welcome to the 4th Grade.  Mrs. Collins continues to care for her mother and will be taking a leave of absence.  Mrs. Kathryn Bennett has been added to our staff.  WELCOME Mrs. Bennett.


BIG NEWS... the 4th grade writing test is no longer going to be given!  Writing will now be assessed at each grade level (K-12) to determine if students are proficient in writing.  This will allow our 4th grade teachers to "breath a little easier" and devote appropriate time to the other core subjects.

2nd Grade


Welcome to the 2nd Grade. 


New Staff in 2nd Grade:  Mrs. Karen Heath - TA (Transferred from Lawsonville Elementary School) WELCOME Mrs. Heath


Miss Wilson will now be Mrs. Brown -  She got married!

5th Grade

 The 5th grade staff remains "in-tact" and is ready for a big year with our new 5th grade students.


Plans for the annual Washington D.C. trip are already in motion, and we are hoping that all of the 5th grade students can participate.



A lot of great things are planned for our PE classes this fall. 



The S.T.O.P (Student traits on parade) program will continue this year, and we are hoping to expand the rewards system so more students are recognized for using good character traits.



The Media Center remains the center "HUB" of action at Mount Olive.  Book Fairs have been scheduled for Sept. 29th - Oct. 3 and Feb. 24th - 27th.  Our school has also received a new updated "SERVER" that will make our technology much more efficient.  The only thing you will notice is less "break-downs".  YEAH!



Miss Burge is now Mrs. Rose - She got married!



The PTO of Mount Olive has been very busy this summer.  The board of directors have met and have planned for a lot of great activities, including some EASY fundraisers!  That's right... NO MORE BROCHURES AND NO MORE CANDY!  Please look for continued updates for more information.  If you would like to contact the PTO and and let them know you want to help, you can e-mail them at

Other News

Be sure to pay attention to the calendar on the Home Page.  Mount Olive continues to be a "happening" place and the schedule changes quickly!  Student class assignments will be released at OPEN HOUSE on Aug. 21st, so be sure to attend.