Mount Olive Elementary is a place where all students, regardless of their ability, socioeconomic level, race, or religion, are valued as unique individuals who have the potential to positively impact the world around them.  Our goals are to create a welcoming, friendly, child-centered atmosphere where each child's needs are supported, where teachers, administrators, and parents work together to instill a love of learning, as well as help our children develop into compassionate, respectful, hard-working individuals.  We believe that all children can learn and experience success as long as we are proactive and treat each student as an individual with unique strengths.    
The mission of Mount Olive, a growing community of unique individuals, is to provide every student with the values, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve full potential. Our vision at Mount Olive is to form a partnership with the community to promote excellence in education in a safe and nurturing environment. 
Value Statement
 We believe in the FAMILY acronym: Fun & Always Motivating, Instilling a Love & Yearning for Learning.