Title 1

What It Means to be a Title I School


Mount Olive Elementary is proud to be a Title I School. Our school qualifies for the Title I Program based on the number of students receiving free and reduced lunch. This program allows us to receive additional funding from the Federal government. This funding provides an additional classroom teacher, tutoring, materials, and other resources designed to promote overall school achievement. Title I also provides parents with certain rights. Every school receiving Title I money is required to:

  • Work with parents to develop a written parental involvement policy.
  • Distribute the policy to all parents.
  • Hold an annual meeting (Fall) to discuss Title I and inform parents of their right to attend.
  • Offer flexible scheduling of parent meetings; SIT meetings, parent nights, conferences, etc.
  • Involve parents in the planning, reviewing, and improving school programs.
  • Work with parents to develop a school-parent agreement (compact) designed to improve individual student achievement.
  • Help parents understand academic expectations and assessments.
  • Provide training for both parents and staff to foster greater parent involvement.
  • Integrate activities with other federal and state programs.


Parents also have the right to request information concerning:

  • The professional qualifications of their child’s teacher(s), including all staff, not just those paid with Title I funds.
  • Whether or not their child is receiving instruction from a Tutor and/or Teacher Assistant and if so, his/her qualifications.


Title I Schools must notify parents:

  • Concerning the school improvement status.
  • Regarding information on the level of achievement of their child on each of the state academic assessments.
  • If their child has been taught for four consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet the definition of highly qualified.
  • Of their right to be involved in the planning and implementation of the parent involvement program in their school.


For more information on Title I schools and No Child Left Behind you may access www.ncpublicschools.org/nclb on the web or contact our county Title I Director Anna McGee at 593-8146. Of course, I will be happy to try and answer any questions you might have as well.

Thank You, 

Kelley Miller, Principal